Probate Disputes, Guardianship Conflicts And Adoption

As people age and then pass on, their loved ones can face a range of complicated matters that include:

  • Providing care for a senior loved one
  • Assuming decision-making power for an incapacitated loved one through guardianship
  • Serving as an executor or estate administrator

All of these matters can lead to deep conflicts between children and other relatives. People can feel cheated or that their parent or other senior loved one is being taken advantage of. The handling of financial issues may be called into question.

Our firm offers skilled assistance that can effectively advocate for you in Orphan's Court, the venue such disputes are heard in. We can pursue litigation to help you hold people accountable for abuse, misuse or errors in the handling of an estate or senior loved one's accounts. We also offer a strong defense against allegations of misconduct.


Adoptions are another type of issue that is heard in Orphan's Court. We assist stepparents and grandparents who want to secure parental rights after the death of the child's parents or when a parent voluntarily surrenders his or her rights.

Effective Probate Litigation Representation

At Kohler Law Offices, LLC, we are skilled at protecting the best interests of our clients when disputes regarding estates arise or the handling of a senior loved one's money and assets is called into question. Our strength as litigators allows us to act as strong advocates for our clients in Orphan's Court where these issues are heard. Lawyer Don Kohler has been helping people secure positive resolutions to the most complex legal matters for almost 20 years. His reputation within the legal community and the community at large is well-known, and helps bring many of his new clients as referrals from those he helped in the past. He has received a 10.0 rating from

Probate Litigation Attorney Serving West Chester And Throughout Eastern Pennsylvania

When there is a fight over an estate or other issues that are heard in Orphan's Court, turn to Kohler Law Offices, LLC, for help you can trust. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 610-400-8501 or contact us online.